Corporate Brand Risk and Security with Internet Ads

 Guest Author: Dane Greisiger


A Q&A with Summer Han and Martin Zhang of Adbug

Most of the cyber risk companies deal with internet facing data is quantifiable. But digital advertising poses another significant problem for global organizations that have not done due diligence. To understand more about this specific kind of threat, I spoke with Summer Han, Vice President, and Martin Zhang, CEO of Adbug, a China-based search engine for digital advertising and ad verification service provider.

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EMV and Payment Security: What’s Next

A Q&A with Dan Fritsche of Coalfire
The introduction of EMV chip cards and newer PCI Security standards go a long way toward reducing data breach incidents and payment card-related fraud. Yet many retailers still have not adopted the technology and EMV in and of itself is not a wholesale solution for data loss. I spoke with Dan Fritsche, Vice President of Solution Architecture at Coalfire, about ongoing payment card concerns for retailers and what they can do to make their systems more secure.

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Adopting EMV: The Word from Ponemon

EMVmediumA Q&A with Michael Bruemmer of Experian Data Breach Resolution
The deadline for merchants transitioning to the EMV payment system looms: Organizations are expected to adopt the technology by October. I spoke to Michael Bruemmer of Experian Data Breach Resolution about a recently released Ponemon Institute study documenting industry attitudes toward this shift.

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