Heartbleed: Why Some Experts Are Ringing the Alarm

A Q&A with Chris Novak of Verizon RISK Team
The Heartbleed bug recently hit the headlines with the Canada Revenue Service breach, in which hundreds of social insurance numbers were stolen. Yet despite the media buzz, the long-term ramifications of this vulnerability are not fully understood yet, says Chris Novak, global managing principal of Investigative Response at Verizon RISK Team. I asked him to explain how Heartbleed works and why everyone should be aware of this insidious vulnerability.

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SQL Injection Issues: Same Achilles Heel 15 Years Later

A Q&A with Michael Sabo of DB Networks
Every month there seems to be some major company that suffers a catastrophic breach of their network, and the investigation very often confirms that the bad guys exploited a SQL issue. Yet SQL injections have been the method of choice for hackers for more than a decade. To find out why networks are still vulnerable and what companies can be doing to better protect themselves from this risk exposure, I spoke to Michael Sabo, VP of marketing for DB Networks, which creates behavioral analysis technology solutions.

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