The Right to Be Forgotten: Complying with New European Privacy Law

EuropeCyberA Q&A with Claire Bernier, Bersay & associés
Part of the future General Data Protection Regulation currently under discussion between European State Members, Europe’s Right to be Forgotten regulation will apply to any company that does business in the European Union (EU). I asked Paris-based attorney Claire Bernier of Bersay & Associés about this pending law and what implications it might have for organizations around the world.

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Data Breach Public Relations: Getting Ahead of the Message

A Q&A with Melanie Thomas of INFORM
It’s just one of many pressing concerns during a cyber security event, but public relations and crisis communications are absolutely essential for sustaining customer loyalty and brand reputation long after the headlines fade. I spoke with Melanie Thomas of INFORM about how these services work and what companies can do right now to prepare for an emergency situation.

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The Weakest Link: Black Swan Attacks

1finalswanblacksoloA Q&A with Joseph Loomis of CyberSponse
An ongoing challenge for any organization trying to enforce cyber security is the constant stream of new exploits, all of which rely on a lack of awareness about particular vulnerabilities. In the face of the recent seemingly “black swan” attack on JP Morgan, I asked Joseph Loomis, founder and CEO of CyberSponse, about security blind spots and their consequences

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