Tuning in to Silent Cyber

A Q&A with Scott Stransky of AIR Worldwide
The exposures associated with cyber incidents and losses reach far and wide, including a whole category of risk called “silent cyber.” With traditional policies offering ambiguous coverage for cyber events, insurers and their insureds face a significant amount of gray area for these risks, which have now become commonplace. To better understand silent cyber and what can be done about it, we talked to Scott Stransky, vice president and director of emerging risk modeling at AIR Worldwide.

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Cyber Mercenaries and Insurance Risk

A Q&A with Chris Rock of SIEMonster

Cyber mercenary activity—in which geopolitical states sponsor hackers and private firms to wage acts of cyber offence on other states, organizations and individual citizens—has been on the rise for at least a decade, though the wider public is only now just starting to understand its grave implications. To get a better handle on the current state of global cybersecurity affairs, we talked to professional hacker Chris Rock, CEO and founder of SIEMonster.

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