Cyber Risk and the Construction Industry

A Q&A with Douglas Clare of FICO
A joint effort between FICO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Assessment of Business Cybersecurity (ABC) offers a benchmark for analyzing the security readiness of American business against cyber attack. When the first quarterly installment was released in late 2018, the construction industry scored highest among the reviewed industries, demonstrating the least amount of cyber risk. We spoke to Douglas Clare, Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions at FICO, about why this industry stands out but also why more can be done to protect it.

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Quantifying Cyber Risk

A Q&A with Peter Armstrong of Munich Re and Julie Eichenseer of Guidewire: Cyence Risk Analytics
At the NetDiligenceĀ® Cyber Risk Summit in Philadelphia, Julie Eichenseer of Guidewire: Cyence Risk Analytics and Peter Armstrong of Munich Re participated in a panel on cyber risk quantification, discussing how current approaches to evaluating cyber risk can better help the insurance industry and its clients improve their cybersecurity posture. We spoke with them about some of the topics they covered.

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