About NetDiligence®

Posted by Mark Greisiger

NetDiligence® (www.netdiligence.com) is a Cyber Risk Assessment Services and Data Breach Services company.

Since 2001, NetDiligence has conducted thousands of enterprise-level cyber risk assessments for a broad variety of corporate clients, including well-known names in banking, brokerage, mortgage, insurance, clearinghouse, and other financial service sectors.

NetDiligence services are used by leading insurers in the U.S. and U.K that offer “hacker insurance” for businesses. Insurers like ACE, Arch, Chubb, Zurich, Beazley, Hiscox, Aspen, Brit and other Lloyds of London syndicates rely on NetDiligence risk assessments to support both loss-control and educational objectives. Partnerships with these leading cyber liability insurers, along with a time-tested risk management approach (eliminate, mitigate, accept and cede residual risk), make NetDiligence uniquely positioned to help organizations of all types and sizes manage their cyber risk.

As a complement to its Cyber Risk Assessment Services, NetDiligence hosts an annual Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum. Featuring more than 40 speakers across two days, the forum is attended by hundreds of cyber liability insurance leaders from all over the world.

NetDiligence is also an acknowledged leader in data and privacy breach prevention and recovery. Its eRisk Hub® portal (www.eriskhub.com) is licensed by the majority of cyber liability insurers to provide ongoing education and breach recovery services to their policyholders. NetDiligence technical experts assist many of these insurers with cyber liability claims investigations.

For more information about NetDiligence’s cyber risk assessment and data breach services, please contact Mark.Greisiger@NetDiligence.com.