Bad Connections: Hidden Risks in the Internet of Things

Hand holding smart phone with Internet of things (IoT) word and object icon and blur background, Network Technology concept..

A Q&A with Larry Pesce of InGuardians
While the Internet of Things is making life more convenient, it’s also posing numerous security risks for both individuals and organizations. To find out more about why companies should keep an eye on these devices and how they can better mitigate risk, I spoke with Larry Pesce of InGuardians.

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Medical Device Hacks: When Cyber Risk Becomes Deadly

Insulin Pump HiResA Q&A with Benjamin Caudill of Rhino Security Labs
With every advance in the Internet of Things comes more risks, and nowhere is this more true than in the field of medical devices, which, if seized by the wrong hands, have the potential to do bodily harm. I spoke with Benjamin Caudill, founder and CEO of Rhino Security Labs, about the exposures created by embedded systems in medical devices and what risk managers, corporate leaders and the general public might need to know.

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