Hybrid Active Directories: Another Frontier for Data Breaches

A Q&A with Quest

More organizations are adopting Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure Active Directory (AD) but maintaining on premises AD deployments to support legacy systems or applications without internet access. We call this a hybrid Active Directory deployment.  Hybrid ADs may pose a security risk if not managed properly. Unexpected changes to the AD environment, such as changes in user privilege, multiple logins in rapid succession, and logins from unusual locations often provide the first indication of an external or internally initiated breach. We spoke to Keri Farrell, Brad Kirby and Matthew Vinton from Quest about this particular concern for organizations and how they can shore up security measures to avoid data loss.

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Securing Data Through Password Management

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A Q&A with Darren Guccione, Keeper Security
All too often data breaches arise from insufficient employee passwords—yet improving password security is an easy fix for most organizations to make. Darren Guccione, CEO and cofounder of Keeper Security, which offers password management software as a service, says that companies should be using the technology at their disposal to guard against cyber risk.

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