Ransomware: What Can Go Wrong, Might

Q&A with Chris Novak of Verizon

Even as public awareness around ransomware grows, many companies find they are still unprepared for this malicious exploit when it hits. Often, organizations find that despite their best intentions to cooperate with the perpetrators, they still may not get their data back. I talked to Chris Novak, global director of the RISK Team at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, about some of the pitfalls associated with this increasingly common crime.

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Phishing Schemes: More Sophisticated and Dangerous Than Ever

A Q&A with Ondrej Krehel of LIFARS

Even as users become more educated about phishing attacks, attackers continue to up the ante, producing new and more credible-looking ways of tricking people into sharing personal information. I spoke with Ondrej Krehel, eRiskHub® security coach and CEO and founder at LIFARS about the latest round of phishing to hit Gmail users.

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